Attention to Detail

 Jhoanka Lorraine believes that the fineness and beauty of a handmade gown always come out in the details after patient and elaborate handwork. This is why she concern herself with every layer and detail. Some tailors use a whole piece of lace cloth when sewing lace dresses. Since the floral design regularly repeats on the fabric, the dress could look less vibrant in some cases. For a better appearance, Jhoanka Lorraine adopted another approach called applique reset in making le fleur lacy styles 

Our professional seamstresses will:
  1. Hand-cut or burn out the Alencon or outlining Chantilly appliques from the fabric 

  2. Re-attach the lace appliques over outer tulle layer ONE BY ONE following style design

  3. Sew the appliques back onto the dress /  it breaks up the repeating pattern on the original lace fabric and gives irregular abundance to the dress.


Your custom garment should speak of your attention to detail, your personality, and your own story. That’s why Jhoanka Lorraine offers you the freedom and fun in designing the dress for you with a little bit of help from us. Our professional craft is the understructure we use to turn the personal design into fabric, intricate details, and a perfect silhouette.